Life after coronavirus

We are all wondering what will be life after the coronavirus outbreak. What is certain, is that life lockdown will bring to surface forgotten values.
When it all passed, we may value solidarity and altruism a little more. We may certainly enjoy each moment we spend with our loved ones, and we may notice all the little precious moments of life we used to neglect before.

A lot of us are also wondering if companies are going to keep following the working from home trend.
We ask ourselves questions about online shopping and malls. Is online purchasing going to be the most widespread way of shopping? Are we going to return to huge malls like we used to do before?

Life after coronavirus will be noticeably different for all of us. There is one possible scenario we can imagine.
It is that after telecommuting for a couple of weeks, some companies will become real enthusiasts of this way of working and will continue to encourage their employees to work from home.
If it happens, a lot of us would be allowed to switch between working from home and working from the office. We won’t get out of the lockdown immediately, all at once. This process will happen little by little, step by step. We can imagine that many companies will promote telecommuting for a few more weeks or even months.

Concerning shops, we can suppose that now, a lot of people are ordering their products online. Even if they were not comfortable with this way of shopping before the pandemic. This tendency could last for a longer time. There is a probability that people who used to go to shops to purchase what they need, will now buy it online more often as it’s easier and more comfortable.

No matter how the situation will evolve, Notadesk will always be here to offer you ergonomic furniture, to allow you to work from home with a maximum of comfort.

Malinowska Paulina

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