Stand up for the video call

Today, almost everyone is working from home. This way of working includes communicating with our colleagues and our managers from distance. Now, many companies organize meetings via Skype or other social media. It’s no surprise that people who are aware will stand more while working. The benefits of standing are underrated and that is why you should learn more about them.

As communication is the key to maintain good quality work, phone conferences are an important part of our everyday life. It’s interesting to know how to improve our wellbeing during those meetings.

One great way to feel better in those moments is to stand instead of sitting on our couch. Standing improves concentration and focus. We often associate sitting in our sofa with comfortable activities such as watching tv, reading a book, having snacks, but we forget the benefits of standing. Standing puts us in another mindset, more appropriate for work.

When we stand, we move our bodies much more than when we sit because we can stretch or walk. Moving our bodies is known as a nice stress reliever and it’s not the only benefit of standing. By standing during phone conferences, we can feel more relaxed and less anxious. We can also choose the spot we want to be at. As moving our sofa from one place to another is not easy, our legs can carry us anywhere we want around the house. This way, we are free to choose the atmosphere and the view we want. Feeling our best during phone conferences has never been that simple.

Malinowska Paulina

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