Not another standing desk

Just take a minute to think about last week. Did you experience any headaches? Pain in your shoulders or neck after a long day of work? Some discomfort in your lower back from all the sitting? We’ve all been there.

✓ It doesn’t replace your desk, it’s an add-on.
✓ It gets you into the habit of switching your posture.
✓ You will experience multiple ‘fresh starts’ during your day

Ecocheques Edenred Sodexo Monizze

Edenred Sodexo Monizze

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ready to use right out of the box
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Right out of the box

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Easy Returns

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✓ Your body is made to move,
✓ Your laptop is made to move,
✓ why not your desk?

I was an active kid and always struggled to focus, it set me back from my peers. This is why I designed something which allows me to fight back.

Andreas – Founder & engineer

More than 3 000 happy customers

4,8 ★ – 480 reviews

“The best thing I have bought for years. Finally, I have the opportunity to work from any place in my apartment or terrace.”

On the inside, we’re all outsiders

✓ Patients with a natural view from their room recover faster and require fewer painkillers than those who look out over a city.

✓ University students with natural views score better on tests.

✓ Workers who see trees and flowers are less stressed and have fewer illnesses. 

Pc stands, portable desks, monitor stands, led desk light & more

Healthy Employees Perform Better

✓ We can laser the name of your company onto the desk and ship our products to your employees directly

✓ Contact us and let’s boost the energy level of your weekly meetings