The Notadesk


Our purest approach to improving your work ergonomy.
 •  standing desk
 •  mounts to a window, or tree
 •  also usable as laptopstand or for on the lap
 •  ergonomic, angled position
 •  easy to store away after work

+ bamboo deck with swivel leg
+ industrial suction mount
+ tree mount

33 cm x 47 cm, 1729 gram

Free shipping in Europe

The Notadesk enables you to work at any height. It has just that angle to work comfortably with your screen at a better height.

Easy use

Swift installation


With the Notadesk you can intuitively switch from standing desk position to laptop stand.

The Notadesk is made from oiled FSC labeled bamboo, to have a natural feel. We use recycled ABS plastics in our suction- and tree mounts, and all small parts are easily replaceable.
A more distant view behind your laptop-screen prevents eye problems. Working in Natural light gives energy and reduces eye problems. On top of this, the window may be just that place where you can find the right lighting for those video-calls. However, we don’t recommend to work with the eyes in direct sunlight.

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