Open offices are known for being noisy places with a lot of different acoustic disturbances: the coffee machine, the printer, fingers tapping on computer keyboards, … but most of all; noisy colleagues. Research has shown that the most annoying part of working in an open office is having talkative colleagues around us. Hearing people talking to each other or on the phone next to us impacts our concentration and our productivity. Instead of focusing on our task, we focus on what is being said, especially if the speech is intelligible, of good quality. A study has shown that people who hear other people talking in their language will be more impacted by their dialogue than if they hear people talking in a foreign language. Noise is not a big problem if we are doing simple, routine tasks that don’t require a lot of attention. However, if we are busy with

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Let’s go walking

How do you go to work? Do you take your car, public transports or do you walk? Did you know that walking for thirty minutes each day has incredible effects on your body and your brain? Very often, people think that if exercise is not extremely tiring, it’s useless. They are wrong. Walking every day can make a huge difference. Let’s discover the benefits of going for a walk together. 1)      Walking improves the heart’s health. It has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, the blood pressure is lower and the risk to have a heart attack is reduced. 2)      Going for a walk each day decreases joint pain, shoulders pain, and back pain due to a sedentary lifestyle. Joint allows our body to be in movement if they are not used, we experience pain. Walking keeps the joint in a good condition. 3)  

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The secrets of sitting in a healthy posture at work.

As we all know, it isn’t healthy to sit at work all day. When we do so, we can experience back pain, we have a bad blood-flow, we can also feel more tired and less focused. The best way to improve health at work is to switch between the sitting posture and the standing posture. In this blog, I will give you five tips to improve your sitting posture at work. Healthy posture at work is the first thing you should take into account when A good distance between your eyes and the computer The screen of your computer should be slightly below your eye level and you should be sitting at least 45 cm away from it. Find the right angles Your ears have to be aligned with your shoulders, it’s better to keep your neck straight. Keep your shoulders down and relaxed.  If you have a chair with

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Stand up for the video call

Today, almost everyone is working from home. This way of working includes communicating with our colleagues and our managers from distance. Now, many companies organize meetings via Skype or other social media. It’s no surprise that people who are aware will stand more while working. The benefits of standing are underrated and that is why you should learn more about them. As communication is the key to maintain good quality work, phone conferences are an important part of our everyday life. It’s interesting to know how to improve our wellbeing during those meetings. One great way to feel better in those moments is to stand instead of sitting on our couch. Standing improves concentration and focus. We often associate sitting in our sofa with comfortable activities such as watching tv, reading a book, having snacks, but we forget the benefits of standing. Standing puts us in another mindset, more appropriate

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Life after coronavirus

We are all wondering what will be life after the coronavirus outbreak. What is certain, is that life lockdown will bring to surface forgotten values. When it all passed, we may value solidarity and altruism a little more. We may certainly enjoy each moment we spend with our loved ones, and we may notice all the little precious moments of life we used to neglect before. A lot of us are also wondering if companies are going to keep following the working from home trend. We ask ourselves questions about online shopping and malls. Is online purchasing going to be the most widespread way of shopping? Are we going to return to huge malls like we used to do before? Life after coronavirus will be noticeably different for all of us. There is one possible scenario we can imagine. It is that after telecommuting for a couple of weeks, some

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