Top 5 activities to do at home

As we know, mobility in Belgium has been reduced since today. We have to stay in our homes to prevent the propagation of the virus. You are certainly wondering about how you will kill your time during the following weeks… Let me give you a few ideas for things to do at home. Enjoy your time spend at home to do activities with your beloved ones. When we live with our parents (or other family members) under the same roof, we often don’t take enough time to « be together » Now, it is the perfect moment to play a game of cards, to disconnect from social media for a while and just to enjoy the present moment together. Cook a unique meal that asks a lot of time: this is the perfect occasion to prepare this fancy delicious meal you have never had enough time to cook! Otherwise, try to learn

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Working from home : our new lifestyle

Advantages of working from home : Less time waste in transports!Indeed, when we are working from home we gain a lot of time by avoiding taking public transports to the office. Moreover, we save a lot of money in the long term. It prevents stress due to the traffic if we are used to taking the car. A very quiet environmentThere is a huge difference between working in a noisy office and a comfortable apartment. We have way fewer human contacts when we are working from our homes, there are fewer distractions than in casual offices. This is advantageous for our concentration and our productivity. Flexibility and libertyTelecommuting allows us to be more autonomous concerning our schedule. We are often free to choose the moments we work and the moments we give to our family and our leisure. It requires however a big self-discipline ability to find a balance between the

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Standing desks in schools

Standing at work has many benefits for adults. However, not only adults can benefit from these advantages. Younger people such as students can enjoy the freedom of standing at schools during their classes as well. Nowadays, many schools have invested in standing desks for their pupils. Is it a good idea? Let’s discover the opinion of students and teachers around the world. Studies have been carried out in schools about the impact of standing desks on students. At first, we might think that it’s a strange idea to see students standing and not sitting in classrooms. This idea goes against our casual sedentary lifestyle. To accept this new revolutionary way of teaching, people first have to get detached from their old sedentary life habits, which is not always easy.  That’s why, for a few older tradition-oriented teachers, it may seem impossible to see their students standing instead of sitting. They

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