Health, focus, and creativity don’t come from restricting us to a desk in the office. We believe working environments should adapt to our nature. Allow us to elaborate a little more on all our considerations and studies that have been done on this topic:

Why working with view to nature?

this non-useful stress makes up on average about 30% of the stress experienced. Low levels of stress are not harmful, but long periods of higher stress can lead to burn-out.


Nature makes us calmer, making us more susceptible to creative ideas


More exposure to natural light during the day increases the quality of your night’s sleep.


Natural light also directly provides concentration, it is similar to lighting, but much stronger because of the difference in frequency and intensity.


Natural light provides vitamin D and also ensures that you have more energy.

Harvard Business Review

Why standing?

It is recommended to stand for the most difficult calls in call centers. Your body can move freely, and you have fewer incentives to interrupt the other person.


You use up to 30% more of your lungs when standing. It’s better to stand when singing because it allows you to use your lungs to the full capacity without the pressure of gravity on the other organs or ribs. This is why professional singers are always standing.

Academic Journal

When you are standing, your brain has to balance your body, this exercise ensures a healthy level of stress so that you concentrate better.


A performance dip in the afternoon can possibly be solved by standing up.


You burn 10% more calories when standing compared to sitting


27% of all deaths in Belgium are linked to heart failure and of this 27%, 45% are linked to a sedentary life.

Belgische Cardiologische liga

It is proven that you have to change positions every hour.

Gezond Leven

Why isolation?

If you can hear your colleagues calling you are in the wrong office, with our products you can isolate yourself, or better yet, your calling colleagues can isolate yourself


People who chat in a language you don’t know is not bad, a certain noise level is even good. But when you can understand things, you interrupt your thinking process. And being able to work continuously for 30 minutes is 10 times more efficient and 10 times 3 minutes.

Prof. Compernolle

Why flexibility?

Standing while working is no healthier than sitting, standing all day is worse than sitting. What counts is that you alternate and move. Separating is moving is healthy, the further the better.

People development magazine

Everyone’s workplace is different, with Notadesk you can build a workplace where you feel best. This sense of security is essential to the creative process.

Oxford Group

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