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Available from September

Made out of aluminum for its optimal strenght to weight ratio. Protected by a powder coating for limitless durability.
The seat is made out of textilene for its superior comfort.
Just like all our other products, we used 12 mm, 3-layer thick bamboo for the table & armrests for its looks and sustainability.

As a result, chAIR weights less than 6 kg, and it can go anywhere your feet can take you.
With its superior aesthetics, you can also use it at home, wherever you feel best at that specific moment. 

Your pre-order will help our company to collect the necessary funds to order the first batch.
We want to get this product to you by September,
so you will never have to return from holiday

We don’t want to dictate the way you work, we only want to give you the freedom to choose yourself.
You can call me an outsider, but on the inside, we are all outsiders. 

Like birds, we need to fly.