The standing desk that can be used truly everywhere.
 •  standing desk
 •  stable aluminium tripod with twist legs
 •  ergonomic, angled position
 •  easy to move or store away after work

+ bamboo deck
+ aluminium tripod

33 cm x 47 cm, 2470 gram

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Simplicity is the ultimate fun

The Notadesk tripod enables you to work at any height (35 – 160cm). It has just that angle to work comfortably with your screen at a better height.

Continuous improvement

We do not want to replace your current desk set-up, if you are even lucky to have one at home. We just want to offer something additional. Some of our customers compare working at Elsewhere like being on a rocket.

By offering an additional workspace where you can escape to, we will help you move during the day. Besides moving, it will give you a chance to continue your work with a fresh mind. It’s like you can have multiple mornings, every time you stand or sit back down, you will have new energy!

Good morning ladies and gentlemen

Ready to speak? The Notadesk Elsewhere can also be used as a speech desk. An added benefit is that your public will be able to see your full body language behind the table, as the 3 legs only block your body minimally. This will make you one of the most motivated speakers out there!

Bamboo, Aluminium & Magnesium

The Notadesk Elsewhere is made from oiled FSC labeled bamboo, to have a natural feel. The durable aluminum tripod has twist locks and can fold very compact.

Based on rock solid research

Did you know that agents in call centers are advised to take the toughest calls standing? By allowing your body to drain excess energy you are less likely to interrupt the other person.

Secondly, if you stand, your body needs to balance itself. The balance causes positive stress and will push you to focus. This has been proven by cognitive performance tests.

Lastly, you will burn 10% more calories while standing compared to being seated. This is definitely an awesome side benefit!

how clients use it

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