Available from 15 May
Early bird price:  €149
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Designed to make you happy
 •  Different colors throughout the day
 •  Adjust intensity upon your own needs
 •  Wireless charing station for your phone
 •  Energy efficient LED technology
 •  Premium materials: iron & aluminium

+ 6W LED - 428LM
+ brightness range 5% - 100%
+ color temperature 2700K - 6500K
+ 1A inductive charger

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If you can’t escape into nature, bring nature home! Although you would think of sunlight as yellow, the white light at 6500 Kelvin will mimic the sun in the best way possible. This is an ideal start of your (work)day!
You can use this stand all day at 4000 Kelvin. The perfect stand at your desk, in your studio to take pictures or in your living room while knitting.
The slightly orange light at 2700 Kelvin with its longer wavelength carries less energy compared to the white light. This lighting is perfect in the evening to help you relax. Besides this, it provides better sleep at night.

Adjust light intensity

The lamp can also enter the bedroom! You will never have to search for your charging cable before bed, just drop your phone on the charging station and be ready for the following day. If you are ready for a bedtime story but your partner wants to sleep, adjust the light intensity to 5%. This can be done by keeping your finger on the button until you reach the best mode. Easy peasy!

Wireless charger

Another cool feature on this lamp is the fact that you can charge your phone! Your phone will never be drained again with the wireless charger built into the base. The edge of the charging platform will turn blue while charging. Once fully charged, the colour will change to red. Drop your phone on the charging station while working or reading, you can easily move it around the house!

Premium materials

Made out of iron and stainless steel joints. The joints allow flexibility to spot the light wherever you need! Also keep in mind that you can change or spot the light depending on what your eyes need. Handle with care, as the lamp is your lighting friend during night and day!

Easy to control with Touch dimmer

Let’s elaborate more on the intensity of the lighting. You can adjust the lighting with the touch button. Turn the lamp off or on with a simple touch on the button, the simple touch also takes you from one lighting to the other. Changing the intensity is done by keeping your finger on the button with the lighting you want at the time. This is for you to decide depending on the moment of the day and task at hand.

Available from 1 May
Early bird price:  €139

Free shipping in Europe