The Notadesk

Our purest approach to improving your work ergonomy.
 •  standing desk
 •  mounts to a window, or tree
 •  also usable as laptopstand or as lapdesk
 •  ergonomic, angled position
 •  easy to store away after work

+ bamboo deck with swivel leg
+ industrial suction mount
+ tree mount

33 cm x 47 cm, 1729 gram

Free shipping in Europe

Versatile laptopstand

Almost 50% of all laptop users experience neck pain, it is the most common ergonomic concern. By inclining the working surface we reduce neck strain. As a matter of fact, if you do not use a second screen, it is better compared to any horizontal surface.

It is advised not to work more than 1 hour standing up. You will be surprised how comfortable this position is.

Plug and play

Installing the desk is a piece of cake. We think it is even the quickest height adjustable desk in the world.

Do you need to make a presentation? You can easily put the screen at eye height. Do your kids want to use it in the evening? No problem! Start healthy habits at a young age.

1 product, 4 functions

Have you ever seen a product that has four functions:

  • Laptop stand
  • Standing desk
  • Regular desk
  • Lap desk

And all this is possible inside and outside!

Made out of sustainable materials

The Notadesk is made of oiled FSC labeled bamboo, to have a natural feel. We use recycled ABS plastics in our window and tree mounts. If something goes wrong, we will send you a replacement part free of charge.

Work with a view

If the sun is facing you directly, we advise you to unplug your Notadesk and choose another window. Don’t be afraid that you will not be able to see your screen clearly due to the natural light. With the right angle, you will even work better! According to a study undertaken by HBR, natural light is the number one perk at work.

It is recommended by eye-doctors to work with a view, looking in the distance helps your eyes relax. Say goodbye to dry eyes!

On top of this, the window may be just the place where you can find the right lighting for your video-calls.

Based on rock solid research

Our body is designed to move! According to the Belgian Cardiologic liga, 10% of all cardiovascular alignments are related to sedentary life. But enough bad news, we are the solution to this problem!

Have you ever seen an opera singer performing while being seated? No way! Try having your next webmeeting standing and blow everyone away with your newly found energy.

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