We’re currently testing a first test-batch of this product to a limited audience of Benelux clients and the press.

Worldwide crowdfunding for Notaboard from September 15

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Functional Design.

The Notaboard has a minimalist functional design made out of natural elements like bamboo and plywood. The whiteboard surface is made from a high pressure laminate to reduce risk for scratches and easy cleaning.

Start right away thanks to the included marker and recycled cork eraser.

Move to your most creative spot

Tabula rasa is the theory that individuals are born without built-in mental content, and, therefore all knowledge comes from experience or perception. Notaboard is your blank slate where you can start all over again.
Changing to a different environment will you help you to think in different ways. You find included a treeclip and strap which allow you to have a brainstorm outside. As it weights less than 4 kg and measures 90 x 60cm, you can easily carry it.

Standing meetings are more efficient

Bored by powerpoint? Prepare you presentation on Notaboard and hang it with the included suction cup on the glass wall. Standing meetings are not only more efficient, they are healthier too.