Shopping for the office? We can help.

Here at Notadesk, our purpose is to set the world in motion, starting with our flexible furniture. Our studies show that people work happier on our decks and experience many health benefits from adding more movement to their day. Whether you’re looking for 5-10 decks or a larger purchase to outfit your office, we’re here to help you find the best solution for your team, based on your size, infrastructure, and needs.

Employees who limit prolonged sitting and regularly interrupt it by standing up, walking around and moving around not only experience a positive impact on their physical health. They have more energy, can concentrate better and are more productive. Less sick leave, a good working atmosphere and a positive image are the bonus for the company.

Vlaams Instituut Gezond Leven

After having bought the Notadesk by myself, I decided to present the product to my staff. 40% of the employees decided to buy, the company refunded part of the purchase price. The Notadesk has influenced our meeting culture in a good way.

Patrick Vanbrabandt

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    Flexible pay and tax benefits

    As a company, it is possible to make Notadesk available to your employees through flexible remuneration. In this way, the employee can purchase our products at a third of the price. But there are other methods such as group purchases or via eco-vouchers. Do not hesitate to contact us.