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Black edition


New Black Edition floating desk!
Delivery from August onwards, get yours now and dream of the best floating desk on the market.

Create your dream workspace in any room with this new sleek design. The Black edition fits in every room and breathes sophistication. New stable design in small and large editions for all purposes. Mount it to the window horizontally or with a slight inclination.

New floating desk Black Edition package includes

  • MDF black deck (small – 320 x 385 x 12, large – 320 x 585 x 12)
  • industrial suction cup
  • aluminium wing
  • rubber window stopper
  • 2 aluminum laptop stoppers

Black edition small: 320 x 385 x 12
Black edition large: 320 x 585 x 12


MDF desk
Aluminium wing and laptop stoppers
Recycled plastic suction cup

Height adjustable


Sit stand desk


Min & Max height

Choose your perfect fit

Max weight


Easy install

All parts are user-replaceable.


2 years

Made in Belgium

Designed and made in Belgium

Black edition package

Black edition large, Black edition small


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Using premium and eco-friendly materials, the new black edition floating desk has been created to give you the best comfort while working, sitting or standing. There are two sizes for all people and purposes. It is possible to use the surface horizontally or inclined, depending on the use.

The window stopper will make sure you have no scratches on your window or non porous surface. The two laptop stoppers can be used when the desk is inclined. With the large edition you can mount the laptop stoppers left or right, whatever works best for you.


Order now to make sure you will have your Black Edition in the first release. After extensive testing, we will release the first desks by August. The first release will only be a small batch so be quick! We will stop the orders when the limit has been reached. 


As the original floating desk, this product has all the same benefits.

It’s a mobile workstation to improve your health and boost your productivity. Small standing desk, height adjustable desk, stand sit desk, floating desk, you name it! Take this floating desk with you wherever you go! When you are ready to get some productive work done, simply attach the standing desk to a window or similar surface with the suction cup for an ultimate experience. 


The codeword in ergonomics is movement, ideally every half hour. Switch between different workstations and work standing for half an hour every now and then to decrease back and neck pain. The right inclination will also make sure you have optimal support for your arms.

Did you know that people who sit for 10 hours a day are 34% more likely to die prematurely due to heart failure than those who sit for 1 hour a day? Don’t be one of them!

Also, an occasional long-distance vision relaxes the eyes and reduces the risk of headaches or tired eyes at the end of the day.

Besides that, moving around and changing location will increase your productivity. This is also stimulated when you work with a view on nature.

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