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Foldable chair and table combination. Our most versatile product. Turn any room into an office or put two of them next to each other to create a mobile picnic table. Made out of hand-welded aluminum tubes but with a full wood FSC bamboo tabletop to reduce the weight to only 6 kg. Thanks to the large size of the tabletop (47 cm x 33 cm) it is suited for left- and right-handed people. Control the way you work, enter freedom.

Available from beginning of November onwards



Health Benefit

  • Eyes – Occasional distant vision relaxes your eyes and reduces the risk of headaches or tired eyes at the end of the day
  • Head
    • A view on nature reduces stress levels by 30% and increases creativity.
    • People who do not have their own enclosed workspace at home suffer the most psychologically from working at home


How to use?

  • Meet in public or shared space, it leaves no prints and can be carried on the back.
  • Make temporary extra workplaces, put it in the aisle or bedroom and store it in an instant.
  • Create a mini-workstation for tasks that do not require a large work surface.
  • Escape traffic jams, put it in your car and work on the go to increase your productivity between meetings.
  • Lunch bench, assemble 4 units and have lunch outside.



  • No dirty clothes, thanks to its low weight and compact folding way it can be stored inside and does not get dirty like garden furniture
  • Easy to store, you can store 20 workstations on 1m2 so that when it is busy you can still give everyone a place.
  • No cold materials, because the places where your skin comes into contact are made of wood, it will be pleasant to stay there even in colder weather.


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