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    Mobile Whiteboard


    Mobile whiteboard. We need tools to structure our thoughts more than ever in this paperless and complex world. We designed it into a landscape format, unlike the conventional portrait flip charts in order to improve ergonomics. No more wobbly feet thanks to the professional suction cup. It can stand on its own on your desk, mind mapping was never easier. If needed, it is also possible to order the tree clip to use the board outside. Made in Ghent.

    + the notaboard whiteboard
    + industrial glass suction cup mount


    Health Benefit

    • A standing meeting, like a standing desk, breaks sedentary behavior and so as explained earlier, is good for your neck back and heart.
    • Drawing strengthens your cognitive functions. You can recognize patterns more easily and it makes you happy.
    • Physical meetings are physically and mentally less tiring than digital meetings.
    • Because the board is larger than a laptop screen, you can magnify details which is less tiring for your eyes.


    How to use?

    • At my first employer, we were only allowed to use boards for short meetings, where the information was put on the board and then during the meeting itself we could write together to come to a conclusion and save time.
    • It is important to have as many impromptu physical meetings as possible between employees. Creativity is rarely achieved alone, plus these encounters improve the flow of communication and increase energy in the building.
    • Replacing the 3 legs of the sign with mounting the sign to the glass frees up space for an additional chair.
    • Because we have made the board in landscape mode, it can also be used as a projection screen.
    • “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got”, do your brainstorming session outside and come to new insights. (tree-clip not included but can be ordered)


    Why NOT A DESK notaboard?

    • Thanks to its low weight it can easily be carried with one arm.
    • Thanks to its landscape orientation it is easier to write on than a traditional flipchart.
    • It is possible to remove the board from the pane and place it on the table by itself, e.g. to create mind maps while sitting down.
    • Mount a whiteboard in your glass meeting room without using screws.
    • There is a possibility to order a clip that allows you to attach the board to a tree outside.
    • The whiteboard is slightly tilted towards the user which increases the ergonomics.



    90 x 60 cm

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