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  • Mobile – Plug and play
  • Weight – less than 4kg
  • High quality – Made out of Aluminium
  • Fast – Mounted within 15 sec.
  • Creative– Take your brainstorm outside
  • Space saving – Footprint of less 0,04m


Don’t just work on your ideas at the same place over and over again. Research has shown that working in different surroundings improves your creativity. This high quality whiteboard is easy to transfer and mountable within’ 15 seconds.  Deliver a new batch of energy to your team effort by taking the brainstorm outside, or at a window with a magnificent view.

No more fooling around with those retractable legs.
Just mount the suction cup at the desired location and start to work.

Specification and shipment
2 years warranty
14 days reconsideration period
Whiteboard surface: 75c x 102cm
Whiteboard material: Aluminium
Weight: 4kg
Can be used outside
Delivery within 1 month

Box content
Suction cup
Tree clip and strap

2 reviews for NOTABOARD

  1. Karel Hubrechts

    I’m doing an internship at a start-up where it is very important to have a lot of creative but focused meetings together with my collegues so a whiteboard is very important. Our boss bought the Notaboard.

    I must say, I really like it. I think the section cup is super easy to use and funny as hell (yes I think it’s funny somebody came up with that idea, thats why I came here to write a review :D) Our start-up doesn’t have a lot of place (we work in a big building with shared offices) so it is very handy that we can move the Notaboard pretty easily. And the thing I like the most is that on sunny days we can take that it outside and focus pretty hard standing around a tree together in the park across the street! Haha the guy (or girl) that came up with this should earn a gold medal.

  2. Futurebias

    I don’t have a lot of place left on my walls in my appartment but I do have big windows. This whiteboard is ideal to hang on the window for a while and write to- do lists, ideas, as wel as important appointments I can’t forget. Saves a lot of room and it looks cool!

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