• Flexible – Can be designed as meeting room, focus room or call booth
  • Space – Footprint <2m2 for 4 standing offices
  • Healthy – Standing desk (but can be put at seated hight too)
  • 4S – Offers a home to return the Notadesk to when not in use
  • Office acoustics – can be fitted with acoustic panels
  • Mobile – Total weight of each individual panel is <30kg
  • Customization – Change material and color upon your demand
  • High quality – Made from the highest quality plywood on the market


This Notadesk docking station makes it possible to create an additional meeting room, focus room, phone booth independent from any existing wall or window and without taking up a lot of space. It can also be fitted with acoustic pannels to improve your office acoustics.

The Notadesks displayed on the pictures are standard desks, meaning that users can still detach them to stick them to the window in order to enjoy the view. When not in use the employees can return the Notadesk to its home base.

Specification and shipment
2 years warranty
Made upon request
Production lead-time: 2 months
Plywood + Acoustic material
Contact us to discuss specific design



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