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    The possibility to change the brightness and color throughout the day helps you to structure your day and improve your productivity. We selected colors to mimic the sun in order to help you sleep better and improve your mood.
    Thanks to the 2 iron hinges you can direct the light anywhere you like and even use it as a spot during presentations. We also included a wireless charging pad in the base.

    Health Benefit

    • Head – During dark days, light stimulates your biorhythm and thus your mood. It increases productivity.
    • Eyes – Reading in dim lighting requires more effort and can lead to tired eyes or headaches.


    How to use?

    • Traditional lighting is mounted above the user so a shadow of the eyebrows rests over the eyes. This makes it more difficult to read the user’s face. Thanks to this lamp, all facial expressions can be correctly displayed at low intensity and with the best colour temperature during web meetings.
    • The morning mode in the lamp mimics natural sunlight and will cause certain substances in your body to be produced less or more, allowing you to start the day with more positive energy and also allowing you to concentrate better.
    • The built-in charger is designed according to a standardised protocol so any smartphone that has this option can be inductively charged.
    • The ability to change the lighting during the day allows you to divide the day into different parts, giving you structure. 


    Why NOT A DESK notalamp?

    • The right lighting is highly personal. White light is recommended in the morning to increase your energy level while orange light makes you sleep better. Because the lamp offers three different colours and the light intensity can be continuously adjusted, there is the right/most suitable light for every user.
    • The metal fixture with three independent hinges ensures that the light can be directed in any direction and from any height. This allows it to be used as a spotlight during presentations or as a reading light and everything in between.
    • Because the lamp consists of 14 individual LEDs with a special lens, the light is spread evenly and you do not have individual focal points on your table surface.
    • The LED technology provides more light than a traditional lamp and uses five times less energy.
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