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I can't find the right way to work comfortable

During the COVID-19 pandemic it became clear that working from home was not always easy. The house was usually not set up correctly for full-day office work.

Nasa discovered that the ideal position for recovering from stress and fatigue is when your spine aligns with your hips, known as the neutral posture. This posture naturally achieved in zero gravity is referred to as the zero gravity position. Astronauts adopt this position during take-off to withstand high pressure. Healtcare professionals highly recommend the 'Zero Gravity' posture for its natural and ultimate relaxation benefits. By aligning the spine neutrally, Relesk relieves the back and improves blood circulation



A way to escape gravity

✓ Let your body take back its neutral form and feel weightless
✓ Good ergonomics is changing position each hour
✓ Increasing lung capacity for deeper and more relaxed breathing
✓ Reducing pain and promoting blood circulation
✓ Doing wonders for recovery and restoring muscles




Crafted for productivity

Specially created laptop table for perfect compatibility


Universally designed and easy to operate

The chair accommodates the majority of individuals, providing comfortable sitting or lying down through its ability to adjust freely by shifting body weight.
It can effortlessly support a weight of 120kg.

The headrest easily adjusts by sliding up or down and functions as a lumbar pillow. 
Because of its compact folding and weight of only 6kg , it is easy to move around




Easy assembly with included comprehensive step-by-step instruction


The chair is delivered in a flatpack, this feature ensures convenient cleaning by simply washing the fabric components, and in the unfortunate event of a part breaking down, it is also easy to repair.





Revealed for the first time at the Salone Satellite, part of the Salone del Mobile in Milan




The story so far and the near future


Launching the Kickstarter campaign and commercialising the zero gravity chair.

I'm proud to announce that the zero gravity chair was very well received at the SalonSatellite during the Milan Design Week. To initiate the productions of the first series, we will be launching a kickstarter campaign in September. This approach will minimise th risk associated with bringing this product to the market. 

We also tested the chair using virtual reality goggles, as this could potentially represent the future of work.

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