This Eco-responsible Bamboo laptop stand can also be used as standing desk when mounted to the window with the included strong industrial suction cup.

Work, with a view

A more distant view behind your laptop-screen prevents eye problems. Working in Natural light gives energy and reduces eye problems. On top of this, the window may be just that place where you can find the right lighting for those video-calls.

The right angle, the right height.

To stay fit and concentrated it is important to change position between sitting and standing regularly. According to scientists it is best to switch position each hour. The Notadesk enables you to do so in the smoothest way, at about any situation. It enables you to work at the height that fits right for you, and it has just that angle to work comfortably.


the industrial suction Cup

You can work confidently with the Notadesks industrial suction cup. It can easily hold the weight it needs to carry.


250 gram

the treestrap

Sometimes it is just better to go and work outside. This strap allows you to hang your notadesk to a tree or pole.



149 gram

the bamboo deck

Strong eco-friendly bamboo material, parts are user-replaceable with a simple cross-screwdriver in the rare case of damage.

33cm x 47cm,

1330 gram

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