The Notadesk

This Eco-responsible Bamboo laptop stand can also be used as standing desk when mounted to the window with the included strong industrial suction cup.

Work, with a view

A more distant view behind your laptop-screen prevents eye problems. Working in Natural light gives energy and reduces eye problems. On top of this, the window may be just that place where you can find the right lighting for those video-calls.

The right angle, the right height.

To stay fit and concentrated it is important to change position between sitting and standing regularly. According to scientists it is best to switch position each hour. The Notadesk enables you to do so in the smoothest way, at about any situation. It enables you to work at the height that fits right for you, and it has just that angle to work comfortably.


the industrial suction Cup

You can work confidently with the Notadesks industrial suction cup. The custom molded plastic piece is made from recycled plastics.


250 gram

the treestrap

Sometimes it is better to work outside. This strap allows you to hang your notadesk to a tree or pole. This custom molded plastic piece is made from recycled plastics.


149 gram

the bamboo deck

Strong eco-friendly bamboo material, parts are user-replaceable with a simple cross-screwdriver in the rare case of damage.

33cm x 47cm,

1330 gram

We also include a small anti-slip pad for your phone.


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Sick and very nice design! I am a very happy customer and would recommend the Notadesk to everyone that wants a healthier and happier life-and workstyle!
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I’m very happy with my Notadesk. This piece of furniture allows me to add more movement and physical activity to my everyday life. I also feel less backpain due to sitting for a long period of time. I love this innovative, healthy and mobile workspace.

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Het idee is simpel en geniaal : met behulp van een zuignap bevestig je de desk (een werkplatform) in een handomdraai op elke stevige en vlakke ondergrond (glas, gelakt MDF, …). Dit laat me toe om staand te werken, op de plaats waar het mij het best uitkomt. Bijvoorbeeld met uitzicht over Heverlee bos of mijn tuin, met voldoende daglicht, op een heel rustige plek (voor geconcentreerd werk) of net een plekje met wat meer contacten (op moment dat ik daar behoefte aan heb). Ik kocht mijn Notadesk exemplaar een paar maanden geleden. De uitvoering van het concept is perfect. Het geheel ziet er strak uit, met een minimum aan componenten, en maximale functionaliteit. Het bamboe materiaal heeft een warme uitstraling en is (technisch en ecologisch) top. Installatie van de Notadesk op mijn ideale hoogte? Fluitje van een cent. Aanvankelijk voelde het wat onwennig aan om mijn PC aan dat dunne plankje en één zuignap toe te vertrouwen. Intussen weet ik: die Notadesk is sterk en blijft zitten. Inmiddels is mijn Notadesk helemaal ingeburgerd, en maak ik er bijna dagelijks gebruik van, op kantoor of thuis. Leve het bewust en “flexibel” werken!

Maria de San Juan
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I am very happy with my new Notadesk. The order processing and delivery were really professional and smooth.

I found the instructions very straight forward. It is extremely easy to mount and dismount, and it has a safe grip to my glass door. I have a small apartment and it offers a very flexible and adaptable work space for my laptop. I actually discovered that it is very useful to put at several heights when I record my music. I can place it at the right height for my guitar. It looks sleek and elegant, being attached to my glass terrace door. I enjoy working standing up overlooking the park.

The price quality ratio is excellent for this solid and nicely designed product. I highly recommend it.

Ambroise de Changy
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Merci beaucoup pour ce Notadesk! En tant qu’étudiant, je l’ai un peu utilisé pendant le blocus, parce que 8h par jour assis sur sa chaise, ça me faisait mal au dos. Et là, travailler debout, ça ma beaucoup soulagé! Mais maintenant, je l’utilises tous les soir dans mon lit pour éviter d’étouffer mon ordinateur dans ma couette. En plus, j’ai la place pour y mettre ma souris. Je peux du coup travailler même dans mon lit! Merci beaucoup pour ce produit! Je recommande vraiment!

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Super handig om je werkhouding af te wisselen, maar ook gewoon om eens te veranderen van werkruimte. Eindelijk comfortabel op de laptop werken in onze tuin, heerlijk gewoon! Bovendien is de Notadesk gemaakt uit duurzaam bamboe, echt mooi! Zeker een aanrader dit multifunctioneel ontwerp!

Super handy to change your work posture, but also just to change your workspace. Finally working comfortably on your laptop in our garden, just great! Moreover, the Notadesk is made of durable bamboo, really beautiful! Definitely recommended this multifunctional design!
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The Notadesk is beatiful, easy to install and doesn't take up a lot of space. What's more, you can choose the height you want it to be set at : convenient. It's great to work with a view of our little garden.

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Looks awesome. The suction cup attaches very firmly. Super comfortable to use. I’m a fan!
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We've tested one at our office, and it's awesome! it provided us with a desk to have a standing meeting near the window which really brings some variety to your work place. It is easy to set up and it could carry our laptop for days on end.