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Tripod Standing Desk


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. We can say with confidence that for laptop users it is the most ergonomic supplement to their office. Height adjustable bamboo standing desk, tripod standing desk with multiple features.

Have all the benefits of an electric standing desk with the additional feature that you can easily move it around. Lightweight at only 2,5 kg, you can now work wherever you feel best. Use it for your home office setup or at the actual office. 

Stand up desk package includes

  • Bamboo desk
  • Aluminium tripod stand

Free shipping in Europe

Weight4,5 kg

2,5 kg


33 cm x 47 cm x 1,2 cm


Bamboo desk
Aluminum tripod stand

Height adjustable


Sit stand desk


Mouse pad

Special mouse pad available for mouse users

Min & Max height

35 cm – 160 cm

Max weight

30 kg

Easy install

All parts are user-replaceable


2 years


Designed in Belgium


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Now you can work on your laptop while enjoying whatever view you like! This minimalistic and modern designed bamboo desk with tripod allows for ergonomic body positioning, while providing a relaxing work environment.
If everyone is different, why do we all use the same type of desk? If our body and laptop are made to move, why do most people sit at the same spot all day? Good questions! We invented our tripod standing desk to help people gain a new perspective.


Mobile workstation to improve your health and boost your productivity.
Take this tripod standing desk with you wherever you go! When you are ready to get some productive work done, simply move the tripod desk to any inspiring workspace you want. This can even be outdoor in nature! One of the world’s only standing desks that allows you to work outdoors so easily. Truly flexible thanks to the lightweight tripod and bamboo desk combination. The standalone sturdy aluminum tripod legs are very stable for those enthusiastically typing. 
Intuitive engineering allows you to set up your tripod standing desk and change height faster than any other standing desk. You can change the height anywhere between 35 and 160 cm. So easy to use as a sit to stand desk, a side table or even a mobile desk for presentations.




The size of this bamboo standing desk is approximately 18.5 inches (47cm) in width and 13 inches (33cm) in depth. It is big enough to hold any laptop, even a 17 inch, but still small enough to store away easily or transport in a laptop backpack. If you are a mouse user, we have a special mouse pad you can add to your order. In addition to this office accessory, you can also order a fantastic laptop backpack where you can fit the floating desk together with your laptop.
Flexible tripod for this height adjustable desk, adjust the height anywhere between 35 cm and 160 cm. Easy to use as a sitting or standing desk during the day and as a laptop table to watch television on the sofa in the evening. 




This modern tripod desk will help keep you productive, inspired and relaxed with an awesome backdrop view of the city or nature. A view on nature lowers your stress level by 30% and increases creativity. This is a perfect extension to any office, home office setup or other workspace.
The adjustable tripod desk is made to present, whether at home in a video meeting or in front of an audience. Thanks to the tripod legs, this sit to stand desk will not block your body language and is a favored presenting table for public speakers. While presenting standing, you will also have 30% more lung volume. 


The codeword in ergonomics is movement, ideally every half hour. Switch between different workstations and work standing for half an hour every now and then to decrease back and neck pain. The right inclination will also make sure you have optimal support for your arms.
Did you know that people who sit for 10 hours a day are 34% more likely to die prematurely due to heart failure than those who sit for 1 hour a day? Don’t be one of them!
Last but not least, an occasional long-distance vision relaxes the eyes and reduces the risk of headaches or tired eyes at the end of the day.




We use ECO responsible FSC certified bamboo as it is one of the fastest growing woods on the planet and doesn’t need nasty chemicals to grow. We use no glue and try to use as much eco-friendly packaging as possible. Strong enough to last a lifetime. This ensures that we do our part in conserving resources and saving the world.


We use the highest quality bamboo, aluminum tripod, and premium hardware to craft our ergonomic bamboo desk.
We ship our bamboo desk in a heavy-duty box, carefully wrapped in protective packaging to prevent any damage, scratches or cracks in transit.




Your family member, friend or loved one will love this mobile workstation! Gift it to them for their birthday, Christmas, anniversary, Father’s Day or any other special occasion. Perfect office gifts for men, women and children of all ages and lifestyles!


We will mention only some of the possible uses for this ultimate floating desk. Use your creativity while using our sit to stand desk. Remember, this is the world’s first mobile desk that can easily be used outdoors!

  • Web meetings or phone calls: 30% more lung volume when standing. Set up your workstation in a quiet place so you don’t bother your colleagues. 
  • Isolation: if you are distracted, on average it takes 10 minutes to regain concentration. 
  • Email processing: you can process information better at an inspiring workstation.
  • Difficult conversations: if you are standing you feel more in control and you have more self-confidence.
  • Creative workspace in the garden for strategic thinking: if you do what you’ve always done you will get what you’ve always got.




The quality of this bamboo tripod standing desk is our top priority. If you have any issues with your sit to stand desk, please do not hesitate to contact us.
So… what are you waiting for?! Purchase this awesome bamboo tripod standing desk today!

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