Freedom is never given,
It is earned

1 box, 4 different functions

standing desk

Laptop stand

Outside desk


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Nature reduces stress and increases creativity & focus

Too much light can cause headaches.
It is also not healthy to stand all day.
A couple of hours/day are enough.

Do not fear the sun when working outside. The tree will provide the necessary shade to see your screen clearly.

Don't sit too much

You need to stand up after you have been seated for more than 1 hour

Don't stand too much

It is advised to stand up for max 1 hour at a time with a 4 hour max/day

Move as much as possible

Walk as much as possible during your breaks and between your workspaces

Change work posture regularly

Use a laptop stand and change your seating position during the day

Small or big dreams cost the same

I had an important meeting with the board.
The data was at my fingertips, but I could not draft any meaningful conclusion. I was stuck, struggling to focus and unable to think differently.
At that moment I started working on this project.
To let me break free from my routine.
If you do what you've always done you'll get what you've always gotten. Dare to think.
Andreas De Smedt - Founder


A sedentary existence lies at the origin of 45% of the cardiovascular ailments.

Lower back pain

50% reduction in lower back pain while working standing


When using a standing desk 52% of the users will feel more engaged with the company


Standing up enhances selective attention and cognitive control

Sustainable materials for better results

Bamboo is often called the worlds most sustainable resource. It grows fast and absorbs 5 times more carbon than any other tree.
As most bamboo comes from Asia, I have decided to cooperate with a local woodworking company in Wuyishan, China. To verify excellent working conditions and high quality, I have visited my supplier several times.
The advantage of locally manufacturing the goods is that I only ship the parts which are necessary. To reduce our ecological foodprint further, I ship all goods by boat.

The worlds most compact desk

My problem was always clear:
"create an accessible yet inspiring workspace".
I started off with remote cabins, solar charged bike trailers, foldable chairs, always more mobile.
The final product fits in your backpack.
60 prototypes later I finally achieved the patented folding mechanism. Your back and neck will enjoy the inclined surface.

ISO certified suction cup

Not A Desk's suction cup is made by a certified supplier of suction cups. This supplier is regarded as one of the best performing supplier of suction cups for more than 10 years.
Not A Desk can carry up to 30 kg and once installed the cup can keep its strength for more than 2 years. However it is advised to re-install the cup once every 2 weeks. The rubber also leaves no print on the glass.