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Our philosophy

To stay fit and concentrated it is important to change position regularly. Natural light gives energy and reduces stress. A more distant view prevents eye problems. With Notadesk, we provide as simple as possible solutions to bring such needed flexibility to your workspace. Be it at your office or at your home desk.

“Why would you replace your kitchen table for an electronic standing desk if you can have all the functionalities at a fraction of the price”

Andreas De Smedt, founder & engineer

the Notadesk

Eco-responsible bamboo laptop stand which can also be used as standing desk when mounted to the window with the included strong industrial suction cup.


First whiteboard that can easily be stored when not in use. it can be mounted using the same suction cup from our Notadesk. In this way it offers you the possebility to apply structure in web meetings or just throughout the day.


Using a stable professional aluminum tripod, this is our truely standalone – but still portable – desk. Used at home offices, but also favored by public speakers.

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