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Adjustable bamboo standing desk. Have all the benefits of an electric desk but with the additional feature that you can easily move it around. As it weighs only 3 kg you can now work wherever you feel best. Thanks to the professional tripod you can adjust the height anywhere between 35 and 160 cm making it highly versatile, from a side table to a lectern for presentations.

Mobile standing desk

+ bamboo deck
+ aluminum tripod


Health Benefit

  • Back and Neck – The codeword in ergonomics is movement, ideally every half hour. Switch between different workstations and work standing for half an hour every now and then
  • Heart – People who sit for 10 hours a day are 34% more likely to die prematurely due to heart failure than those who sit for 1 hour a day
  • Eyes – Occasional long-distance vision relaxes the eyes and reduces the risk of headaches or tired eyes at the end of the day
  • Head – Looking at nature lowers your stress level by 30% and increases creativity.


How to use?

  • Web meetings or phone calls, 30% more lung volume when standing and if you set up your workstation in the right place you will not bother your colleagues either
  • Isolation, if you are distracted, on average it takes 10 minutes to regain concentration.
  • Email processing, you can process information better at an inspiring workstation.
  • Difficult conversations, if you are standing you feel more in control and you have more self-confidence.
  • Creative workspace in the garden for strategic thinking, If you do what you’ve always done you will get what you’ve always got.
  • Special mouse pad available for mouse users.


Why NOT A DESK Elsewhere?

  • An extra workstation that takes up no space and can be set up or put away in an instant.
  • More tax-efficient than other furniture because it is a laptop accessory.
  • Made from FSC bamboo and recycled plastic, designed in Ghent.
  • Can be placed anywhere.
  • You can install it at sitting height.
  • Can also be used by speakers during presentations
  • Can also be used for standing meetings with or without a laptop.
Weight3.2 kg

47 x 33 cm

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